Our Photo Booths

All of Our Photo Booths are Equipped With: 
Hand Crafted Photo Booths

All of our photo booths are designed and handcrafted from scratch by the owners of Photoboothville right here in the state of California. Our booths are made from top choice maple wood and are all hand painted and stained.

DSRL Camera

We take pride in our photography equipment and unlike most of our competitors, our booths are equipped with a full frame DSLR camera which will give your photos more detail and color.  Because of the larger sensor size, a full frame camera is able to capture more light, which allows it to attain focus in darker environments.

Professional Studio Lighting

A lot of people don't realize its importance, but photography lighting is absolutely crucial and is the key factor in creating successful images.  Our top of the line, studio grade lighting system will allow you the best light to capture the most natural-looking photos and our special techniques will help eliminate shadows.

High Quality Printer

We use an award-winning, powerful digital photo printer that uses a high-resolution dye-sublimation processor to produce photos with impressive full-color details.  With print speeds as fast as 8.9 seconds, our printer can produce high-quality 2X6, 4X6 and 5X7 images all available in a glossy finish.

Professional Attendant

Don't worry about running the photo booth, you go enjoy your event!  Our fun, reliable and energetic attendants will take care of everything for you.  From engaging with your guests to technical support, our attendants will help keep the fun going!

Free Setup & Breakdown

Instead of stressing out for your party, hire a professional photo booth rental company to do the setup and breakdown for you. Our staff is happy to transport your event's booth and will set it up correctly FOR FREE so your party is successful and stress- free.




Our enclosed photo booths are increasingly popular for weddings, birthday parties, and similar memorable events. Our professional quality pipe and drape system cater to those who prefer their guests to have more privacy in an enclosed environment.  This will allow your guests to relax more and to let loose.   The size of the booth can adjust anywhere between 6 X 6 feet to 10 X 10 feet and depending on the size of the booth, it can typically fit a maximum of 4 to 12 people.   




Our open air photo booth is perfect for larger groups, like for bridesmaids, groomsmen, co-workers, friends, classmates, families with kids, etc.  They are incredibly fun and entertaining since it allows your guests around the booth to participate in the goofy antics that the photo booth props encourage.  Open air photo booths are perfect for any event that has an outdoor setting and offers something different than the traditional booth.  The size of the booth can adjust between 6 X 6 feet to 12 X 12 feet and depending on the size of the booth, it can typically fit a maximum of 15 people.

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